Vinyes de Lilith


Brand design, wine, cava and olive oil for Vinyes de Lilith. Vinyes de Lilith is a place where you can enjoy the pleasures of life that fill you with happiness. The vineyards are in the heart of the Penedès, where their products are made. They are committed to an ecological, sustainable and responsible approach. The brand's design is inspired by the myth of Lilith, depicted with wings in various ancient works. From one of her wings, we created this expressive line that represents freedom and strength that managed to possess the first woman, who was expelled from paradise due to her rebellion.


Lilith was Adam’s first wife. They lived together in harmony until Lilith wanted to dominate in the sexual act and he did not allow it. She did not keep silent and, not being heard, left Eden, being the first woman to leave a man. Lilith discovered a new paradise, that of freedom.

For the design of the wine labels we have represented the image of Lilith in which her pose is subtly transgressive, thus fleeing from stereotypes and empowering the character. The three images are associated with the three wines: red, white and rosé, which are produced in these wineries.

In Vinyes de Lilith they also make olive oil. In this case, for the design of the labels, we have applied die-cut graphics, achieving in a simple way a packaging with strength and personality.



Art direction
Brand design
Packaging design


Agency: Cordegat
Client: Vinyes de Lilith