Wine labels


Design of the three bottles of Nakens (red, white and rosé). This wine with the Terra Alta designation of origin is distinguished by its elaboration based on white garnatxa and by the unique climate of this land. The concept when developing the design was to capture the feeling of buoyancy that this good wine gives you. The design is based on a series of illustrations that go around the bottle and where you can see in a sequence as if they were photograms, a character floating freely.


From Mari Jubany comes Aires de Llevant, a white wine from the DO Empordà that includes muscatell and sauvignon blanc from 2020. The design of the label is inspired by the foam left by the waves when they break in contact with the strong wind and the coast of Empordá, a typical image of the area brought to a minimalist design.


The Turó de la Muntera in Corbera d'Ebre is collective memory against oblivion and also an art space. An exceptional name for a unique wine, 100% Cariñena (monovarietal) from selected old vines.
The village of La Muntera de l'Ebre was destroyed in the civil war. The walls of the houses were pierced by bullets and bombs.
The design of this label is a tribute to the memory of this village, of which now only its ruins remain


The "La Cisqueta" with Terra Alta designation of origin, a tribute to working women. La Cisqueta is a happy and fun peasant woman who works the land and takes care of her own. When she was young, everyone celebrated her, but she decided to see the world and then return home. La Cisqueta is the lyrics of a jota that speaks of Corbera d'Ebre, the origin of this great wine. Two scenes of the cisqueta have been developed to illustrate the two bottles (red and white wine).


In Vinyes de Lilith they also make these wines. Red, white and rosé with the grapes extracted from their vineyards. The design of their labels is inspired by the myth of Lilith, who was Adam's first wife. They lived together in harmony until Lilith wanted to dominate in the sexual act and he did not allow it. She did not keep silent and, not being heard, left Eden, being the first woman to leave a man. Lilith is a myth that teaches us. Lilith is represented on the labels with a free and cheeky character.


Art direction

Agency: Cordegat
Clients: Agrícola corbera d'Ebre, Mari Jubany, Vinyes de Lilith.