43 Terrassa Jazz Festival


Artistic direction and communication campaign for the 43rd Terrassa Jazz Festival.

The Jazz Terrassa Festival, in its 43rd edition in 2024, stands out for its dual focus: celebrating and disseminating the history of jazz alongside a forward-looking vision. The programming reflects a dynamic dialogue between the past and the future, highlighting new generations both nationally and internationally. The festival aims to mirror the current reality of jazz and be a reflection of global contemporaneity, where talent transcends genres and borders. This year, the lineup welcomes renowned musicians from both national and international backgrounds, showcasing the potential of this edition.

To create the design, I decided to break away from the tradition of pictorial posters and common visual elements in jazz to explore typographic expressiveness.

Each letter in the design has its own sound and energy, thus creating a harmonious composition, similar to what musicians achieve on stage. My goal with this design is to capture the improvised and collaborative essence of jazz.

With over 40,000 attendees, 200 musicians, 65 concerts, and 22 days of music, the Terrassa Jazz Festival once again proves to be one of the country's premier jazz festivals."





Art direction
Motion graphics

Client: Festival de Jazz de Terrassa
Photo: Gemma Miralda, Xavi almirall